Douglas Homan

Collision, Locus and Circumstances

On the 31st July 2016, Douglas was driving his Ford Mondeo south on the A90 Ellon to Aberdeen road. On a bend near Trump International Golf Links, he was confronted with a car travelling towards him on his side of the road. Douglas had no opportunity to take evasive action and there was a head on collision at a combined speed of over 90mph. Paramedics and the Fire Service were called to the scene. Douglas required to be cut from his vehicle due to the extent of the damage. Douglas was taken to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he remained an in-patient for 6 weeks. 

Extent and Impact of Injuries

Douglas sustained life altering injuries, including a subarachnoid haemorrhage, fractured ribs, grade II liver laceration, complex foot fractures and abdominal sepsis. Having sustained head, spinal and internal injuries, it would be a long road to recovery for Douglas. 

Due to the extent of this injuries, Douglas required multiple surgeries before finally being released in late September 2016. During his lengthy in-patient stay at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, it was touch and go whether he would survive. He was then told he would never walk again. Douglas did not let this outcome phase him. He is an extremely determined individual and his recovery has been nothing short of remarkable.

His incredible determination saw him mobilise firstly with a zimmer frame before moving on to a walking stick. Having previously worked as a police officer back in his native South Africa and competed in World Strong Man competitions, his hardy character shone through and aided him in his recovery. 

The Claims Process and Getting the Right Result

Whilst in hospital in Aberdeen, Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland visited his bedside to start the process. The third-party insurer was quick to admit liability so that we could focus on rehabilitation and recovery. 

It was clear from the outset that immediate care and support would be needed. Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland was quick to secure an interim payment from the third-party insurers which would go towards ensuring Douglas received the support he required. He was unable to return to work and had no income. 

A Case Manager was instructed to oversee Douglas’ rehabilitation. Private Physiotherapy and Podiatry sessions were arranged to further aid recovery. Douglas is noted as having “stunned” his physiotherapists with his progress. He was able to achieve the goals set out by his physiotherapy team twice as quickly as their usual clientele. He even featured on STV regional news displaying his ability to walk, less than 10 months post collision. 

Given the extent of his complex injuries, Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland arranged for Douglas to see a wide variety of Consultants ranging from Orthopaedic Surgeons to Neurologists, and from Psychiatrists to Care and Needs Experts. 

With Douglas receiving no income and very little in the way of benefits, interim payments totaling £45,000 were secured before the case reached settlement. This aided not only the medical rehabilitation but ensured that suitable home adaptations were made including covering the cost of rent. Employment and Pensions experts were instructed which not only allowed for an accurate valuation of the total loss Douglas sustained regarding his career prospects, but also gave vocational support and assistance to him about his future employment options.

Douglas’ case settled three and a half years after his incident, once a more definitive prognosis for his injuries was known. He received a high six figure sum which is allowing him to consider what he now wants from his future. At 49 years of age, he may never work again but he has financial security to allow him to make decisions that suit him and his family. 

Why are Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland Different?

Many people think of solicitors as having merely a “legal input” into cases. This case highlights how Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland were able to go above and beyond in providing Douglas with the necessary care and support he deserved. 

Going to see a client in hospital and then following up with appointments at home and meeting those closest to them provides us with an insight into who they are and what they want to achieve. No two cases are ever the same and it is so important to get to know your client. 

Road Traffic Accident Law Scotland, as they do with every case, funded all aspects of Douglas’ case meaning he never had to put his hand in his pocket for any costs incurred. It is always the choice of the injured party to be able to select their own solicitor and one should never be forced to go with a ‘panel solicitor’ chosen by their insurance company. Rehabilitation is at the forefront of what we do and always will be to improve the quality of life of our client’s post complex injury. 


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