Taxi turns right despite 'NO RIGHT TURN' sign

On a sunny Thursday afternoon in August, Jill Spink was crossing Shandwick Place in Edinburgh.

She was in the middle of the road when a taxi pulled out of a side road and turned right onto Shandwick Place. This was despite there being a 'no right hand turn' sign.

The taxi collided with her right hand side and caused her to fall to the ground.

Thankfully, there were plenty of witnesses and people came to provide assistance. The taxi driver stopped his vehicle and returned to provide Jill with his contact details before leaving the scene, as he had a customer in the back of his taxi.

The police attended at the scene and, after taking statements from Ms Spink and the witnesses, the driver was charged with careless driving and a failure to observe street signs.

Ms Spink is extremely active and just wanted to get back to her hobbies as quickly as possible.

Pedestrian Law was instructed on her behalf to recover compensation for her injuries and the cost of the private chiropractic treatment. A claim was submitted to the driver’s insurers and they admitted liability early on.

Thankfully, by the New Year she was making a good recovery and a medical report was obtained to comment on the injuries sustained.

We were able to settle the claim within nine months and she had this to say about her experience;

“Many thanks for all your help with pursuing the claim. Having never made a claim like this before, I have been pleasantly surprised at the smooth and efficient process.” 


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