"Excellent and caring service. Very professional but also very friendly and efficient with the client's interests at the forefront of all interactions. Special thanks to Zara and her team."

Dave Naismith

"Very lovely to deal with, took time to explain everything and felt nothing was an issue. Can’t thank all the staff enough."

Ashley Farquharson 


"Quick, smooth and very straight forward. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Very responsive to my calls and wouldn't hesitate to you use them again if the need arises, although hopefully not!"

Charlie O'Hara

"Very helpful, kept up to date and very prompt with my questions.  Wouldn't hesitate to use them again and to recommend them to other folk."

Jimmy Graham 

"My sister had RTA Law LLP recommended to her by someone she knew who had used them before and in the absence of any knowledge of law firms and any other recommendations, we decided to meet with Jodi and see what we thought.

At that stage, my brother-in-law was acting for me in a lot of things as i was still really ill in hospital. Jodi came out to meet myself and my brother-in-law in the Stirling rehabilitation centre where I was at that time.

She was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and explained the claims process to me. She explained that their ethos as a firm was to strongly support and facilitate the rehabilitation side of my insurance claim both physically and mentally to get me as well as possible with as much support as necessary.

She explained i would have a case manager who would coordinate contacts and treatments with professionals. Not long after, Kate contacted me to introduce herself as my case manager and private OT. By this stage, I was coming close to being discharged after four months in hospital and the focus was on my home and making sure everything that needed to be done was done for me coming home and being able to live independently and safely. As my OT, Kate identified quickly areas of weakness in myself which would translate into areas of greater need for support when i got home.

For example, I had two handrails installed on my staircase, a bath-board over my bath, two grab rails in my shower and a toilet support chair at each toilet.

I then made the very scary transition from hospital to my home and I was lucky enough to have one of my oldest and closest friends come and stay with me for a week.

When she left, Kate quickly came to visit me in my home to see how i was managing and to suggest ways of doing things that could potentially be easier for me. Kate then came weekly and our activities varied from walking to doing a shop in a supermarket. It was always practical, but built my confidence which was obviously very important because at first i didn't even want to look anyone in the eye. Having Kate by my side empowered me more than I thought possible and within four trips I managed the supermarket by myself in a taxi with a walking stick.

It wasn't easy obviously, but I was doing it and that was the important part. No amount of compensation could ever make up for being independent and getting your dignity back, The whole time, Jodi would keep a low level of contact in the background but was always there if i needed anything explained or I needed help. A private physio and psychologist were brought on board to help me soon after which was great.

It's a well known fact that the NHS is woefully underfunded and understaffed in the mental health arena and I was continuously being let down by them when trying to access their help. The only time they were there for me was when i was in crisis which was good but not so good that I had to get to that stage before being able to get help. Had it not been for RTA LAW's set up and being able to access private mental health services, I shudder to think where i would be now. But, because of RTA LAW, strangers would struggle to believe I survived my injuries let alone have recovered so well from them.

My private physio, Arlene is a miracle worker and has got me nordic walking and riding a two wheeled bike and a trike. We turned out to be a great combo but the real praise has to go to Arlene and once again the unique set up present at RTA LAW.

In August 21, my life flipped and although I didn't die, I questioned constantly why I lived and what the point of my very existence was. Thank God I was with RTA LAW because through them and the wider service they provided, I am now at peace with being alive again and proud of what i have achieved so far.

So I guess what I have been saying in this review is that I wouldn't hesitate to use RTA LAW again but pray I'm never in the position to use them again. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of an excellent service from a law firm when they find their lives upside down just as I found mine following our RTA".

Elaine Kidd


"Fantastic service and very easy to deal with. Jack was professional throughout and if I was ever in this position again, I would not hesitate to use them."

David Banks


"From the very start RTA Law Scotland have been excellent when dealing with my mother's incident. She was very nervous about pursuing a claim but Jodi Gordon put her at ease and kept her informed every step of the way. She made everything as easy as possible to understand and called her with regular updates. I am really pleased with the outcome after this traumatic experience and so are my family. I would be happy to highly recommend RTA Law Scotland and especially Jodi Gordon."

Wendy Cowan

 "After being hit by a car when crossing at a pedestrian crossing I came across RTA Law Scotland and the team talked me through the process of making a claim. They dealt with everything on my behalf and I was delighted with the outcome. I would highly recommend RTA Law Scotland to anyone who needs their assistance."

Wilma Gordon 

 “Right from the start at our first meeting, we felt that Adam’s case was in very safe hands with an obvious personal approach from Jodi Gordon. The case was handled very professionally and we were kept informed at every stage. It was reassuring to know we could contact her at any time to discuss the case. She took time to understand the emotional impact the incident had on Adam and his family, which was very much appreciated.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending RTA Law Scotland to anyone as I know they helped us tremendously through a difficult time and achieved an excellent outcome for Adam. I would just like to thank the whole team very much for their personalised support and expertise.”

Mrs Ridley

 "Initially I wasn’t that keen to pursue a claim for compensation, but the ambulance paramedic who attended to me said that I should and I was also encouraged by my family. My main concern was for others because I did not want them to trip and hurt themselves in the way that I did. I hoped that by bringing this to their attention, they would ensure that the problem was sorted and not just by put a yellow cover over the problem and hope it would go away. Jodi, from RTA Law Scotland, was amazing throughout the whole process. She made it so easy and stress-free for me. Nothing was too much trouble for her. I never expected to get the amount of compensation she secured for me. I can’t thank Jodi enough."


 "Paying £10 to get into Cyclefest and then meeting Jodi of RTA Law Scotland was the best £10 I have ever spent. Jodi's advice and support were excellent from day 1. I am still very disappointed with the police, their inability to follow up with the witnesses and subsequently trace the driver. Their resources just seem so stretched right now and clearly my case didn't register highly enough given there wasn't a death or serious injury. The trouble though is that whilst I was fortunate to avoid serious injury, the next person might not be so lucky!"




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